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Creating visual marvels which leaves your guests awestruck and your loved ones with memory to cherish for a lifetime. We craft themes ranging from modern chic to elaborate traditional .A pastel- English style ceremony to the vermillion - amber regal Rajput wedding. If you want to be wed in style then TDC is the perfect match for you. We prove to be a match made in heaven as we are as passionate (if not more!) as you for your special day!  

Team Management

A set is an integral part of any story. The background is the glue which binds any narrative together. The environment creates the reality, transporting us to the place, time and dimension which exist in the writers mind. We create our film sets undertaking a lot a prior research and attention to detail. Our aim is to execute larger than life ideas. We have expert knowledge of unconventional material and the latest production techniques which makes it a reality.


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